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Attorney Consultations in North Seattle, Kent, Tacoma, Everett and Silverdale

Professional Short Sale Negotiations

Many Washington homeowners have found themselves in the difficult situation of needing relief in the form of restructured debt or by selling their real property for less than they owe on it.  McFerran & Burns, P.S. is the premier attorney short sale negotiation practice in the State of Washington with 1,000's of satisfied homeowners finding real solutions and real relief through our consultations.


Leverage the power of our attorneys to effectively represent you or your clients and actually get your short sale transactions closed.  Don't settle for LESS than attorney representation and protect yourself and your clients.

Client Distressed Property Consultations

Have you or your clients ever asked:  "What is the best option to resolve our current financial situation?"  We see this every day and the answer is NEVER the same.

The cornerstone to our practice is advising clients that have very difficult questions about their situation including foreclosure, short sales, bankruptcy and loan modification.  What is in their best interest?

Our Attorneys have been providing "legal prescriptions" to clients since this recession began.  No two answers are the same.  We start with "hopes, dreams & desires" and then in the context of the client's legal rights help them plot a course for a new life after this hardship.

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FHA Short Sale Negotiations

Our firm has been handling FHA Short Sale Negotiations since day one and we continue to do so as we are finding more and more FHA loans are entering into default.  The short video below is about how FHA Short Sale Negotiations are different from a conventional Short Sale Negotiation.


Foreclosure Fairness Act (FFA) in Washingon

Find out in this short video about a new law in Washington protecting homeowners.. just click below..


State and Federal Regulations

  • The recent economic challenges have resulted in a proliferation of short sales and the need for real estate and mortgage professionals to provide competent assistance to property owners considering a short sale.  The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions and Washington State Department of Licensing has issued the following bulletin outlining the licensing requirements for providing negotiating, coordination, or facilitation services for short sales.

WA State Short Sale Bulletin       

  • In addition to the requirements that the State of Washington has, any person who provides, offers to provide or arranges for others to negotiate, obtain or arrange a short sale must also comply with the Federal Trade Commission Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rules.

Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) Rule

McFerran & Burns, P.S. is both State of Washington and Federal Trade Commission compliant.



In The Game of Life, It Takes a Village to Close a Short Sale.    The NEW Flyer Below details our Short Sale Process.


WA State Non-Judicial Foreclosure Time Line


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